Friday, July 26, 2013

Product review-PUR PAK-Daily Active Lifestyle Supplement

Tangy Berry PUR PAK

I was recently contacted by the PR company that represents PUR PAK to do a review on their PUR PAK Daily Active Lifestyle Supplements.Here is the scoop on the PUR PAK company according to their website, "Pür Pak is the top all-inclusive lifestyle supplement. Pür Pak is organic, offers a multitude of health benefits, and comes in three great tasting flavors. Pür Pak’s formula was developed with one goal at the forefront of research and development: to enhance health and performance. The all-inclusive proprietary formula is unique because of the specific form and amount of each individual nutrient. The result is a powerful combination yielding the highest absorbability and health benefits possible. One packet contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals plus a multitude of powerful supplements that are an integral part of optimum health. Pür Pak offers health benefits based on the reality of contemporary lifestyles including lack of sleep, high stress, inadequate exercise,” weekend warrior” mentality workouts, poor choices in nutrition, diminished vitamin/mineral contents due to lack of conservation and increased soil contamination.  In our ever-changing, fast-paced, high stress environment a comprehensive approach to extra nutritional support has become a vital component to optimum health."

I had the privilege of sampling three flavors-Super Green, Citrus, and Tangy Berry. I'll be honest when I opened the first packet, the Citrus blend I was a little bit nervous because it had a vitamin like smell. But if you think about it packing all that nutritious goodness into one packet may smell a little unusual. Once I added the mix to the water the vitamin smell went down significantly. 
The Citrus flavor was by far my favorite. It literally tasted like I was drinking orange juice but more refreshing! Berry was my second favorite flavor, it tasted like I went and picked a number of different berries and put them in a blender. I love that the PUR PAK team is able to pack all those vitamins and all natural goodness into an amazing supplement!
Guess what?! Because the PUR PAK team is so cool. You can email them to try a sample for FREE. Get more info here. Tell them Diaper Derby Mama sent you! Once you try a sample you can buy different supplement packs here.

**Thank you to PUR PAK and Konnect Public Relations for allowing me to sample one pack of each flavor. The opinions stated are mine and mine alone. 

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