Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fun first time at Build-A-Bear

Weekends are usually very busy at our house. Our oldest had his first class of the winter session of soccer. Our youngest was recovering from a cold. So rather than try to go to Gymboree and be that mother that brings a kid with a snot nose to play group. I thought he needed a different adventure. I took him to Build-A-Bear at our local mall.

I have been to Build-A-Bear several times before with our older son. It was always a fun adventure. However, this time was really special as it was our little man's first visit there. He loved looking at all of the lights and displays in the store. I ended up picking out a monkey for him, next came the sound display. I started pressing buttons trying to see which sound would get a reaction out of him. Well turns out we each picked one, I selected "Rudolph Song," and he selected the sound of giggling children.

When we were waiting in line to stuff our new friend, a very nice worker came up to us and wrote my son's name on his monkey. I later found out her name was Maggie. Maggie was a rock star! Maggie gave me advice on where the best place would be to have the sounds placed in the monkey so my son could enjoy them. She also helped me by grabbing this cute antler headband with a bell that my son liked. I was also impressed that the stuffing station had a hand control that the lady brought out for my son. I don't know if this is something they have always had or they brought it out special for my son. What a great morning with my little guy!

Here is the finished product:

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