Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Second one down, one more to go for the week

I was psyched to run again today until it snowed and got cold. So I went during my lunch break at work to the local ski/sporting goods store. My mission, buy either a cute hat or gloves that I would wear this evening. I was hoping this would motivate me to run. I ended buying The North Face Windstopper Ear Gear Headband. My husband graciously picked up the boys from daycare while I got in my run for the evening. Tonight, I opted for something a little different, I ran with our dog Max.

I got dressed and dawned my new headband. Then, I took him outside for what I believe he thought was just a routine potty break. When I gave the leash a gentle tug to get the run started, he looked at me like, really? Yes, really I thought as I looked into those big hound dog eyes. I need to run and you need exercise so we are going to do this thing! At first, Max started trying to lead me on this run. He thought smelling all the bushes in my neighbors front yards was fun. I gave him another tug, moved the leash to my other hand and we were off.

Once we got a couple blocks away, Max started to get with the program. There was no tugging, weaving or stopping to smell the ground. He was going exactly my pace! We ended up going only about a half a mile. The highlight for me had to be realizing that because I followed through and ran I got the opportunity to see that maybe Max isn't so bad on the leash. He has potential to become a permanent, short distance training buddy.

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