Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Late update on my busy weekend....

I hope each of you had an awesome weekend. I sure did, it was busy but very fun. On Friday, I got to go visit my best friend Candice who had her baby earlier that day. Congratulations to her and her family!Saturday we took the boys to their respective lessons. Our oldest went to soccer with my husband and I went to Gymboree music classes with the little man. Sunday, I got up and went to a Trail Running Clinic sponsored by Grunt Girl Racing Team.

I just joined this group for the 2011 racing season. I am now a proud member of the Black Team. This was my first time meeting the rest of the Grunt Girls Team. The clinic was awesome! Grunt Girl Veteran Lee Conner spoke on everything you wanted to know about trail running: proper equipment, nutrition, etc. I learned a great deal from the section on nutrition. I always knew drinking water was important. I appreciated her additional explanation on what to do if you drink water and still have a headache that means you need electrolytes.

After her talk we went on a trail run. I was kind of nervous about this as I am far from in race shape right now. The other ladies immediately put me at ease right away. I was always running by or within a few feet of the other runners. I was also worried about what the terrain would be like on this run as I am still recovering from my tailbone fracture. The terrain was very uneven lots of roots and rocks. I felt good navigating through everything I just slowed down when I got to spots that had really big rocks or hills as I was afraid of falling.

The scenery was BEAUTIFUL! The rocks and hills in that park made for a very scenic run. Next time I will take pictures! The temperature was also great for this run. I love running when the weather is a little cooler rather than when its 90 degrees out. Overall I had an awesome experience. I look forward to meeting the other Grunt Girls and running again soon.

After that I rushed home and took our oldest to his first skating party. This was quite the adventure as I was tired from the trail run. I pulled myself together and ventured out to the roller rink with our oldest. My legs were like jello on the skates! However I successfully managed to chase my son around the roller skating center and participate in all the activities he wanted to. So all in all it was a good but very busy weekend.


  1. Wow, you are truly and literally a runner! LOL. You run around with the children and is just as difficult as that trail!

  2. That is great! I love trail running. It sounds dorky but it does something for my soul. Glad you had a good time with your group!

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies. Jen what kind of shoes do you wear when you do trails? I was wearing my Vibrams and wasn't really happy with them on the trails.

  4. Since I am just beginning my journey to a healthier me, I'm not quite ready for running yet :) but reading about your endurance as I get closer to that goal will definitely encourage me! Thank you for stopping by - I'm definitely following back!

  5. No worries, you will get to where you want to be it just takes time. As you can see from me being fit and healthy is a continual work in progress. Thanks for following my journey.