Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review of the Fitbit

I am a huge fan of Cool Mom Picks website. The fabulous ladies recommend the fit bit a few months ago and I knew I had to have it. Here are some of the features according to the Fitbit website, "The Fitbit accurately tracks your calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled and sleep quality. The Fitbit contains a 3D motion sensor like the one found in the Nintendo Wii. The Fitbit tracks your motion in three dimensions and converts this into useful information about your daily activities.
You can wear the Fitbit on your waist, in your pocket or on undergarments. At night, you can wear the Fitbit clipped to the included wristband in order to track your sleep. Anytime you walk by the included wireless base station, data from your Fitbit is silently uploaded in the background to"
So far I have used the Fitbit primarily as a pedometer. I love the size of it, this device is not big and clunky like other pedometers. I also like the display feature as it is very easy to read. It also tracks total mileage walked and calories burned. I love seeing how many miles in a day I actually walk. The Fitbit also can track your sleep. I haven't used this function yet as I am super scared to see how little sleep I am not getting with two kids under age 5!
The Fitbit website is awesome and very user friendly. When you buy a unit you go to their website and register and then you can see charts of your steps, mileage, calories burned and track your sleep. If you are interested in improving your health in 2011 you need to get this device. For more information check out:
Does anyone else have one of these? What do you think about it?


  1. That sounds totally cool! What a great tool. I'm going to have to check it out!

  2. OMG, I want something to make me go to bed! :) that sounds like a pretty cool tracking device!

  3. Thanks ladies. Yes I would highly suggest it. Dash. I wish I had something that would make me to go bed too:).