Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bruises come in several forms...

The only downer from my awesome race on Sunday was discovered when I got home and took off my Vibrams. The bottom of my left foot was a little bit achy. I just thought the muscles of that foot were tired from a longer race. When I took off my shoe, I noticed I had three dime size bruises on the bottom of my foot. After doing some research online, I learned that these are called stone bruises.

Graphic from the blog Miles Behind Me.

Barefoot/minimalist runners can get these from coming down on rocks or sharp objects. Makes sense for me as I just completed a long trail run. There were a number of rocks and spots throughout the course. I did my best to avoid the biggest ones but was unable to avoid them completely as hello I was trail running.

I got on Twitter and Tweeted to the Primalfoot Alliance. I asked about if this is normal and how it is to be treated. I got several responses back very quickly. Yes it is normal as long as their isn't excessive swelling. Rest is a good treatment as well. I was pleased to hear that info as I tend to be a tad bit accident prone.

So I took their advice and got ice on that foot as soon as possible. I have been icing that area daily since then. Thankfully the bruising has gone away. I ran a mile yesterday and had no pain.

I greatly appreciate the Primalfoot Alliance for Retweeting my question. If you are interested in learning more about barefoot running you need to check out their website.


  1. Yikes! That looks like it'd hurt. I NEED a pair of VFF's so bad. Other than the stone bruises are you pretty happy with them?