Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 2-Sugar Free Challenge

Yesterday wasn't as bad as I thought except when watching late night TV. There were lots of ice cream commercials and frozen drink commercials on. I kept thinking everything that I was seeing was sounding so good!

Today I am physically feeling this change. I went to get my much needed coffee this morning at Dunkin' Donuts. Yesterday having black coffee was a little bit difficult for me. The coffee tasted fine but not as great as my Carmel swirl iced lattes. However it did serve its purpose and help keep me awake. Today I tried getting my coffee on ice. When the girl handed it to me through the drive through window I about fell over. It looked like I was drinking tea! It was so dark. She was the one that suggested adding the milk. Best suggestion of the day! I prefer having it iced and with the skim milk. It was a little bit better tasting.

If you are doing this or have done it what do you drink for breakfast that helps energize you????


  1. Good luck with that challenge! I think I'd die

  2. I have a sweet tooth, stock up on fruit, that helps me