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Meet Real Housewives Cast Member-Melissa Gorga

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I told you guys last week that I am a huge fan of the Real Housewives franchise on Bravo TV. One of my favorite shows is the Real Housewives of New Jersey. This season the cast: Caroline Manzo, Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita welcomed two new faces: Kathy Wakile and Melissa Gorga. 

I recently had the opportunity to talk to Melissa Gorga. We chatted about rumors surrounding the show, family life and her upcoming music debut.

Melissa Gorga got signed to join the cast sometime last year. There was speculation on the internet that said she was initially approached to be a part of the cast when the series debuted. Her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice supposedly put the stops to this. Gorga said, "No, I never wanted to be a part of the cast initially and never pursued it. Bravo only approached me within the last year."

During last season's reunion special, former cast member Danielle Staub got her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice very upset when she asked Giudice, "Did you acknowledge your nephew when he was born?" There was internet buzz that the "nephew" in question was Gorga's son. Gorga said that she and Staub, "are not friends. I have never met her before. Teresa did come to the hospital when my son was born though."

Speaking of her home life, Gorga is a very busy lady. She has three children: Antonia, 5; Gino 3, and Joey (13 months). Every episode so far her house is always impeccably clean and organized. "I have a slight case of OCD," Gorga said, "I pick up toys all day long. I have always been funny with my kids since they were born about keeping them looking neat and clean, maybe a little too much," she chuckled.

Her children weren't really bothered by being filmed for the show, "The boys don't even know the crew is there and don't pay attention to them. Antonia eats it up and has fun with it." She talked about potty training her children, " Gorga talked about potty training her children. " I definitely feel that Antonia is easier than Gino. Gino pees everywhere and always tends to miss."

As far as parenting her children goes, "I am strict in the areas that Joe is not and vice versa. Overall I tend to be more strict than he is. It is very important to us that our kids learn at a young age to respect us and to respect each other." Gorga stays in shape thanks in part to her children and, "being constantly on the go." She also exercises three days a week for an hour each session with personal trainer and pilates instructor Kelly Giordano.

In last week's episode fans learned Gorga has a passion for music. " My first single On Display will be released in July.  You will get to see my whole journey into the music world from the beginning on the RHONJ," she said.

Gorga explained it is a balancing act taking care of her family and working outside of the home. "Its not easy, I battle it everyday.  The times that I am home and with my kids I soak up every second with them.  If I could get in the crib with Joey at night and sleep with him I would! LOL!"

She is also a philanthropist. She has donated her time to: March of Dimes, Keeping Babies Safe and one for Tsunami Relief. She added, " I am working on selecting a charity that is children and music related."

Her favorite part of being a cast member on the show has been the fans. "I love the way that I am getting emails, tweets and support about how I have touched someones life and that amazed me."

For more on Melissa Gorga and all the other New Jersey Housewives check out the Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo.

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