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Q&A with former Real Housewives of OC cast member Peggy Tanous

Source-Peggy Tanous

Its no secret I am a huge Real Housewives fan.  I recently had the opportunity to exchange emails with one of my favorite housewives-Peggy Tanous!

One of the things I liked about this no nonsense gal was that she was an advocate for healthy living on the show. Tanous talked about healthy eating and her children (London and Capri.) "I try to feed them organic as much as I can but its not always possible." She explained, "I try to have all their fruits and veggies organic. I love using organic almond butter in place of peanut butter." Like any mom sometimes meals can be a struggle with her girls, "Capri is a great eater and eats everything, but London is in a horrible stage where she won't eat much." I feel her pain, our 5 year old would eat mac and cheese all day, every day if we would let him.

She said," I give her [London] Naked Juice Green Machine and at least I know she is getting her greens. She also likes edamame. I'm trying to give them both gluten free products now too. They make great pastas and frozen waffles that are gluten free."

In addition to feeding her girls healthy she also gives them vitamins. "The girls take a chewable multivitamin everyday called Nordic Berries by Nordic Naturals and a chewable DHA Strawberry Flavor by Nordic Naturals. I give them space sprinkles for their immune system and colloidal silver every so often to protect them from getting sick which I sell on my website!"

Tanous was one of the first housewives to talk about having postpartum depression. She gave an update on how her postpartum depression has been. " I'm doing really well now with my PPD!" She said, " I take my Ultra 5HTP still everyday and have been getting back on a regular work out schedule!"

"My depression was and is more anxiety, but my supplement seems to really help that. I think it's also much easier now that the girls are growing up." She gave some tips for other mommies experiencing postpartum depression, " I highly recommend other women to try my 5HTP because it is pharmaceutical grade and does not contain fillers. I also suggest taking walks and/or working out."

Tanous decided not to rejoin her cast mates for Season 7 of the Real Housewives of Orange County which is currently airing. She explained her decision.  "I felt being on a show that encourages fighting and being around negativity and drama was causing me more anxiety. It was also stressful to watch the show back and see how they were going to edit things. Blogging and trying to answer fans became consuming."

I could see how that would be stressful, her former friend Alexis Bellino was downright mean to Tanous at the end of Season 6. Think bully in the elementary school yard. Bellino was constantly trying to upstage Tanous with everything from how quickly her kids were potty trained to whose children were modeling.

"Alexis and I do not speak," Tanous said. "Our friendship really ended before we ever even started filming Season 6, as she was so mad I joined the show and said horrible things behind my back."

She does stay in touch with one member of the current cast, "I only talk to Tamra. We don't even get a chance to talk very much because we are so busy with our own lives and not working [together] anymore." I was asked to come film the final episode, but declined. I will not be on anymore episodes, but don't know if I will tape the reunion show."

Life continues to be busy for Tanous after the cameras stopped rolling. "The kids are great, " she said. "London broke her arm last summer and had a temporary screw in it but she is doing great now. She had a modeling job [recently] and now the company wants Capri to shoot for them too!"
She explained how she stays in shape. "Most of it is eating healthy, having a fast metabolism and running around after my kids. I recently started taking Zumba classes and absolutely love it!

In addition to taking care of her family, Tanous has some other projects in the works. "I've been very busy meeting with other networks for various projects," she said. "I have a new show that I will be hosting and co-producing! It is a mom's show and we started production[ a couple of weeks ago]!

For the latest and greatest on Peggy Tanous check out her website.

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