Monday, January 28, 2013

Dunkin' Donuts has healthy on the go options

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One of my most favorite things in this word, next to my three beautiful children is Dunkin' Donuts Coffee! I love it. I get it every day. When I go to my local Dunkin' Donuts its like the show Cheers except with coffee. Everyone knows me there and knows my order. Their coffee is the best stuff EVER!!

Well the fine people at Dunkin' Donuts have made some modifications to their menu for those of you working on keeping your New Years Resolutions. The lower calorie/healthier menu is called DDSMART. Many of the items on that menu are under 300 calories and extremely yummy! Here is some of the deliciousness off the DDSMART Menu:

  • Egg White Flatbread Sandwiches (280 calories) are available in either Veggie or Turkey Sausage varieties. Both are served on toasted multigrain flatbread  
  • Wake-Up Wraps are perfect for value-conscious, on-the-go people who want a fast, freshly-prepared breakfast option in a smaller portion size and with fewer calories than the usual breakfast sandwich. Wake-Up Wraps are available in several varieties, including Egg White Veggie (150 calories), Egg White Turkey Sausage (150 calories), Egg & Cheese (180 calories) and Ham, Egg & Cheese (200 calories).
  • Small Latte Lite has 80 calories and is made with skim milk and Splenda
  • Freshly-brewed unsweetened hot teas are all zero-calories.
  • Freshly-brewed unsweetened small and medium Iced Teas have five calories.
Also according to the Dunkin' Donuts website January is Oatmeal month. "Dunkin’ Donuts’ DDSMART menu also includes Quaker® Oatmeal, available in two hearty varieties, Original and Brown Sugar flavor, both of which are served with dried fruit. Dunkin’ Donuts’ Quaker® Oatmeal with dried fruit has 270 calories and the Brown Sugar flavor variety with dried fruit has 300 calories. " I have to say I have not had the oatmeal yet however I will check it out this week and let you know.!!

Another thing that's super cool is that Dunkin' DDSMART has partnered with Runner's World
to offer advice on running!They are giving advice and training plans for people interested in running a 5K or 10K. If you know a beginner runner that is looking for solid info about the sport you should refer them to this site. Its pretty good!

Do you like coffee? Where do you get your coffee?

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