Monday, March 11, 2013

Review PROBAR Meal bars

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A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Josh from Purple Orange LLC Brand Communications to review some PROBAR products. I was totally psyched! Josh sent me a box of PROBAR Meal bars and PROBAR Core bars.

I was intrigued to try the PROBAR Meal bars because I have been looking at a number of nutritional options in addition to regular exercise to help my post baby belly shrink down. I recently got the dreaded are you pregnant again question. No, I am not pregnant! I just had my third baby (8 pounds 12 ounces and 22 inches) and the weight isn't falling off as fast as it did for the other two!

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Here's some info about the PROBAR company off their website:

"Our company’s goal is to change how the world thinks when it comes to real, whole food. PROBAR products are proof that a food maker can wholeheartedly commit to quality, sustainability—and sheer deliciousness. Part of the Simply Real® promise is sourcing the finest all-natural, 100% vegan organic ingredients from growers who believe in these things as well. As you check out our products, they all have one thing in common: they started with only the best raw ingredients.
The reason for our success is simple - Integrity. Compared to other bars, PROBAR tastes better and contains high quality ingredients. From the beginning, PROBAR has remained committed to convenient, natural, high-performance nutrition. PROBAR has never strayed from the integrity of our original recipes."

Sounds good huh?! Below is my most favorite PROBAR Meal bar flavor Double Chocolate and the nutritional information about the bar:

So PROBAR Meal bars are healthy and taste amazing! My two favorite flavors are Double Chocolate and Peanut Butter. The Double Chocolate tastes like something you would buy from a bakery. By no means your standard meal supplement bar. It was super moist and very flavorful. The Peanut Butter was as good as taking a spoon to a jar of peanut butter for a snack. Yes super yummy!

I think their price point of $3.29 per bar is reasonable. You can also buy 12 bar packs. If you subscribe to having the bars sent to your home monthly you receive a 10% discount. Or if you care to make a one time purchase PROBAR offers free shipping on orders over $75.

This past week I have been eating the PROBAR Meal bars every morning for breakfast. The workers at the local Dunkin' Donuts about fell over when I started ordering just coffee instead of coffee and my usual breakfast sandwich. (Yes I recognize this could be part of the weight issue which I am trying to correct). The bars are high in protein so they are very filling. I have been able to make it from breakfast to lunch filling full.

Last but certainly not least I have started to notice that I have started to lose a bit of weight in my abdomen. My pants are finally starting to fit more comfortably at the waist again. I'm not where I want to be yet but started to see results thanks to these bars and my exercise routine.

Want to check them out for yourself? Go to PROBAR's website. Don't want to shop online click on the find a store icon at the top of the webpage to find some PROBAR Meal bars in your area.

Thanks to Purple Orange LLC for letting me try these out. Stay tuned next week I will post my review of their PROBAR Core bars.

***Disclosure-The opinions noted above are mine and mine alone. Purple Orange LLC sent me two variety packs of the PROBAR Core bars and PROBAR Meal bars to review. Quite simply they rock and will be on my regular purchase list.

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