Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Post Boston Marathon sadness

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 The morning of the Boston Marathon was like any other Boston Marathon morning for me. I have never been lucky enough to qualify for this race but I always made an effort to watch the event if possible or check the results online. I was very excited about the women's race in particular as my two hero's Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan were running. In addition to that several friends and online friends (Neon Blonde Runner, Skinny Runner Girl) were running.

I figured out a way to be able to listen to the race. I heard Rita Jeptoo get the win. Flanagan finished fourth and Goucher came in 6th. Then later that day someone said a bomb went off at the Boston Marathon. My initial thought was what the heck??? I had read things after 9/11 that terrorists could target events where there are masses of people, ex football, festivals, concerts, etc. But they wouldn't do something at the Boston Marathon, really?! Then the news got worse when I heard more than one bomb went off and many people were injured and several died.

My heart just sunk. I wondered about my former college cross country teammates that were there.  I was also worried about my online friends. I hoped that they were okay and prayed for their safety. The other very upsetting part of this whole tragedy is that spectators were also injured. The families of the Sandy Hook victims/those running the race in memory of the victims were in close proximity to one of the bombs.

My husband is my biggest supporter and always goes with me to races when I run. That could have been him. We have also been talking about bringing our children to some of these events. One of the children that died was close in age to one of my sons. That could have been my child. Thank you God for my family and keeping them healthy and safe every day.

My other thoughts were why had the terrorists chosen to go after runners. Yes they had a world stage there but why hurt runners and their supporters? It just doesn't make sense. To have our community violated like this is hurtful and scary. My heart is broken for everyone that was injured, died or affected by this event.

Want to help? I have found a number of great ways to help the Boston area and victims online:
1.) Check out 10 ways to support Boston on the Another Mother Runner website.
2.) Buy an Adidas Boston Stands as One Tee. 100 percent of the proceeds are being donated to The One Fund Boston Inc. to help victims and their families recover from this horrific event.
3.) Donate money online to The One Fund
4.) Purchase a Sweaty Band or BIC Band both companies are making donations to The One Fund from sales.


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