Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Guest Post-Hit Your Fitness Goals While Away on Business

by Mike Manning

Those who are committed to fitness know that sticking to a routine can be a challenge on a normal day; however, staying motivated on a business trip can throw an entirely new wrench into a person’s plans. Fortunately, it is possible to stay on top of your fitness goals while you are away on business. Now, more hotels and other travel services are beginning to offer amenities to attract more fitness-minded customers. If you are planning an upcoming business trip and need to know how to stay in shape, then here are a few important tips to follow.

Plan According to Your Workout
According to Forbes one of the best things you can do to hit your fitness goals is choose a hotel that offers a fitness center that has everything you need to work out. In addition to open gyms, hotels are also beginning to offer other amenities such as yoga studios and on-demand exercise videos. Doing some research before booking a hotel is essential in maximizing the enjoyment of your trip. On a recent trip to Las Vegas I used a great social reviews site to look at all of the Las Vegas Hotels. From here I was able to check the amenities of the hotel, the reviews from top reviewers, and the price all in one which made it easy for me to decide which hotel I wanted to book. Recognizing the need for adequate space to work out in the rooms, more hotels are also expanding their floor plans to include rooms designated for fitness. By packing some simple exercise equipment, such as resistance bands, any hotel room can be converted into a simple gym. While you are researching hotels, be sure to also hunt for other industries that focus on hospitality such as airports. Many of the busiest airports, such as the San Francisco International Airport, are now beginning to offer yoga and Zen rooms to their guests.

Commit to a Healthy Diet

Eating on the road can often lead to unhealthy choices, yet even the most challenging workout will be ineffective if your body is lacking the proper fuel. With a little ingenuity, healthy meals can be made right in your hotel room. For example, your coffee maker can be used to make hot water that can then be added to oatmeal or to make some herbal tea. Many healthy foods such as carrot sticks and salads also require little to no cooking at all, making them convenient for hotel rooms. It is also important to select a hotel room with a refrigerator that you can stock with healthy options, such as fruit and vegetable trays, upon your arrival. By having healthy food conveniently at hand, you will be less likely to stop at that fast-food joint before you head in to your meetings.

Plan for Walking and Jogging

No matter where you are, walking and running are always free and effective workouts. Therefore, research the amenities offered by your airport, hotel and the surrounding community. For example, you may find that your airport offers a walking path such as the one available at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. You may also discover that visiting local hiking trails can offer you a fun way to explore your new city. Therefore, be sure to pack a good pair of running shoes along with your itinerary so that you can take advantage of every option for hitting your fitness goals while away on business.

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