Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday updates

So a number of updates for you!

1.) We got a DOG! He's a rescue. His name is Mr. BoJangles. He has been such a joy to have around. He is super sweet natured and seems to have had a crazy past. As my three year old says "all he needs is lovies!" And lovies is what he is getting from our family. Special thanks to the wonderful staff at Rescue Village for their assistance with this adoption!

Photo-Rescue Village
 2.) So Friday I decided to go to the Chiropractor for what we call my annual tune up. Basically a head to toe manipulation of everything that can be manipulated.  I have had all my life in my upper neck area and lower back. Once the Dr. did my adjustment that normally doesn't hurt I got a sharp shooting pain down the back of my left calf and also in the front of my left calf. Apparently I have shin splints on that side. Ever since then I have had to ice that area. SO ANNOYING! I haven't had issues with this for the past 3 years and no all the sudden BAM! Consulting with a medical professional about this as I am trying to run a five miler this Sunday.

3.) I have seen all over the Internet about KT tape. All my runner blogger friends swear by the stuff so I finally broke down and bought some this weekend. Let me tell you the tape lived up to the hype. I also like on their website they have how to videos that show you exactly how to use their product to help whatever injury/ailment you may have.

Photo-KT Tape Website

I kept my left leg taped up for most of the weekend at it really helped. I also liked that the tape came in pre separated strips. In college we had to use the rolls of tape if we had an injury and it was supper annoying because you had to cut it then try to rig it so the tape wouldn't fall off or snag.

4.) Looks like I am in the market for new running shoes again. After watching the KT tape videos one of my issues could be that my Vibram Bikilas are really OLD. I am going to my favorite running store Second Sole in Mentor. They have 2 pairs on hold for me to try on. So we will see what new Vibrams I come back with! :)

KUDOS to all the Cleveland Marathon and Half Marathon participants! It was a scorcher out there this weekend!!


  1. Wow, lots going on at your house! Hope the shin splints are managed soon.

  2. Thanks'! I don't think I would know what to do if we weren't busy lol! Hoping to get the shin issue figured out soon. I appreciate your support and the idea about the compression socks.