Monday, June 10, 2013

Fun way to teach your children about yoga

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 Twitter as of late has become my favorite form of social media. I have met a ton of super cool people on there! Some of my newest Cleveland friends- Go Run Jess, Wendy Kraus, Alison, Creape , many friends across the country and now that list includes author Jennifer Amor!!

Amor can help you explain to your little ones what you are doing when you get out your yoga mat and are standing in downward facing dog pose. She has created a children's picture book I'm A Little Yogi: Yoga for Children.

Wonder where the idea came from? According to her website, Amor is a yoga teacher and has years of experience working with children. Her intention when she wrote this book was to show the world that yoga has powerful benefits especially when one starts practicing at a young age.
"I was lucky enough to stumble upon yoga and it has drastically changed my life.  Yoga has made me a better person towards myself and towards others, it has helped increase my self-awareness.  I want children to have this opportunity at a young age.  If yoga can play a huge role in my self-development at the age of thirty, just imagine what it could do for children?” says Jennifer Amor.  “Yoga is a very hot fad in the fitness and wellness industry right now, but I believe that it is here to stay.  The more we incorporate it in our everyday lives, the more we realize we need it.”"
She describes the book in more detail, "It is a guide for caregivers and children who are interested in health, wellness, growth, and yoga.  It is a short and sweet book with amazing illustrations to depict each essential yoga pose. This book is more than a guide to children’s yoga; it helps children to learn about animals, objects and colour.  While reading this book you are able to exercise while teach new concepts to children.  It is easy to follow, allowing you to incorporate yoga in your daily routine.  It is a perfect book for those who love to encourage physically activity, build strength, flexibility, confidence and focus.  Mary Grace Calderon an Assistant Supervisor at Brian Petit Amis CC in North York says “It is a great book for early readers as it contains rhyming words and simple sentences.  The bright colourful pictures are inviting and helps promote and encourage reading. It is a wonderful book for teachers and parents with young children.”

Sounds cool to me. Kudos to Amor for thinking outside of the box with this book. Want to pick up a copy for your little yogi? Visit her website  Copies of I’m A Little Yogi: Yoga for Children are available in paperback (ISBN 978-1-4817-3708-1) at online retailers such as, and in ebook formats (ISBN 978-1-4817-3709-8).

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