Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Favorites

Hey peeps! How has your week been? Hope its been great. Here are my favorite things this week:
1.) L'il Critters Gummy Vites Complete (Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Formula)
If your kids are anything like mine taking medicine, vitamins any type of supplement is not fun. Previously I had been purchasing another brand of traditional vitamins that they hated. So I decided to try Lil Critters Gummy Vites Complete. My sons love them! I no longer have a fight on my hands to get them to take them. I love them because they are made from all natural ingredients. Also they contain vitamins A-E. They are made in the USA and taste awesome. I take them too in effort to model positive behavior to the boys. I have tried other gummy vitamins that have been really hard to chew. I'm talking I thought I was going to lose a filling hard. These are very soft and very flavorful. Its hard to believe you are eating a vitamin. Vitafusion also makes a number of other supplements for children. Check them out!
2.)Pool Time

It has been freakishly hot and humid in the lovely state of Ohio for the past several weeks. Last night I was able to go outside in our pool with my sons and do a semi-workout! I swam laps and kept moving for 25 continuous minutes! Yay! And the best part is my foot didn't hurt!!! HOLLA! 
3.) The Royal Birth Watch
Photo credit

I love Kate Middleton. What a style maven! She is my hero. She has made pregnancy look so glamorous! Mind you she probably has a professional stylist and unlimited budget to buy amazing maternity fashion but hey can't fault the girl! She looked absolutely gorgeous her entire pregnancy!

 I feel bad for the poor thing who is in the final days of her pregnancy as she has to deal with all the crazy photographers that want to get pictures of her. Word on the net is she was officially due July 13th. Here we are at July 19th. Being pregnant in the heat is NO fun. Trust me, I did it 2 times! Parade Magazine did an interesting article about the Royal Birth. Wonder what Pippa will wear to the hospital to visit her sister after the Royal Birth??

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