Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Favorites

Hi Friends,
Hope you have had a good week. Here are a few of my favorite things this week!!

1.) SkyZone Cleveland-Located in Westlake
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My middle child and I went today to SkyZone Cleveland today. Let me tell you this place is too cool for school. Check out the pictures above courtesy of the SkyZone website.

I loved a number of things about SkyZone. 1.) The staff was AWESOME!-My little middle man was freaking about having to take his shoes off to do this and they were helpful to get him to not leave without trying anything. 2.) The place was clean and there were staff that were actually watching and regulating every part of the facility. Earlier this year my husband took our sons to another Cleveland bounce house attraction park and they were attacked by two other kids and the staff wasn't watching the kids....not here...the staff was very engaged with all guests and helping everyone stay safe! 3.)They had different sections of the building for different size kids. On the big bounce area we were told to stay to the right as that was the area for smaller kids.

My middle son loved the trampoline area that led to the foam bricks. He did that for 30 minutes. He also ended up loving the big trampoline area. We danced and had a blast!!

Way to go SkyZone! You ROCK! We will definitely be back again!!

2.) Possible NSYNC reunion on the VMA awards
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Can you say yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus? Word on the street is my favorite boy band of all time is getting back together to do a song this weekend at the MTV Video Music Awards. Insert lots of screams and jumping up and down here. I have my DVR cued and ready for this moment. They owe me this as the amount of money I spent to see them in my college years basically bought each of them big screen tv's for their homes. At any rate fingers crossed a reunion tour is in the works.
3.) I think I am FINALLY ready to ditch the boot that I have been wearing since my stress fracture diagnosis. Hoping to get the green light to start running again next week. Please say a prayer for me on this. It has been so hard not running the past several months.
4.) Last but certainly not least my other favorite artist Gavin DeGraw is performing a free concert for participants of the Rock N Roll Marathon, Half Marathon and Mini-Marathon in Oct. The mini marathon is 3.5 miles. If I can get the green light to commence training next week I think I may try to enter this to see Gavin in concert again. I have seen him live 3 other times and he puts on one heck of a show. Plus this would be good motivation to get to the finish line...finish and watch a concert. AWESOME!!!

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