Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thinking Family Thursday

Now that H is in 1st grade we have, pardon the expression a butt load of homework to do each night. He has a great teacher. However, sometimes he is so worn out from his day-they work the kids hard at his school, that we have issues getting him to do his homework. I get the, "mom I'm tired just let me rest" or "I don't feel like it." I think I am getting paid back from my elementary school days where I did that to my parents... :)

Here is what we have been working on the past couple of days:
1.) Establishing a set time each night to do homework. 
2.) Trying to decipher the teachers codes on each worksheet to figure out what if anything he needs to correct from the day.
3.) Keeping the experience positive and rewarding for him.

We also spoke with H about starting his homework at latchkey when there are other teachers there to assist him. This way if he is too tired when he gets home he will have some of his homework all ready started. Hopefully the process won't take as long this way so he can rest.

Do you have homework challenges with your children? has a great article with some tips to help with homework struggles.

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