Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This week instead of Two Things Tuesday its Three things Tuesday

1.) So I have been running for several weeks now 2-3 miles per day. I jump on the scale and gasp...I'm up 5 pounds!? Really??? So annoying!!! I was hoping that muscle weighs more than fat but I guess not...see article. I guess I need to add more hard runs into my routine.

2.) So I just found out about a really cool running blog: MsFitRunner. What I like about this blog is Katie is one awesome runner, she's a mother, coach and just plain COOL! Check out her blog here.

3.) If you use the Charity Miles App this month try to run, walk or bike for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.  This month only for every mile you cover the company Medtronic will donate up to $50,000 to the foundation. You earn $1 for every mile to help an amazing cause. So people go out there and get active! Also I'm super excited to see Michael back on TV soon. What child of the 80's doesn't remember Family Ties?

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