Monday, July 14, 2014

New fitness app-GPS Sports Tracker

So a while ago I let you guys in a new concept in fitness monitoring through Sportslyzer. Now the Sportslyzer team has come up with a Mobile App-GPS Sports Tracker so you can  track our fitness during your workout. I have done some fiddling with the app and let me tell you it ROCKS! And its FREE! Check out all the features below.

We have packed the GPS Sports Tracker app for Android with neat ways of getting feedback from your workouts. So if you are not using the app yet, it's about time you started.
Here's what we have to offer for Android fans:
  • improved interface with smoother and more accurate GPS tracking;
  • get plans from your coach + create your own plans + track workout from a plan;
  • weekly or daily overview of done workouts (heart rate zones, split times, speed, etc.);
  • weekly overview of health data;
  • Bluetooth heart rate belt support (see more);
  • calendar for tracking competitions and events;
  • test results database to track your progress over time;
  • friends' leaderboard on your dashboard;
  • improved voice feedback.
All of this is seamlessly synced with the web. So it doesn't matter whether you use Sportlyzer on a phone or on a laptop/desktop computer - all of your data is accessible on all of your devices.
Get the Android app
Have an iPhone? Download the iOS app from here.
The Sportlyzer Team

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