Friday, December 10, 2010

Stride Rite launches new STEP program

My youngest son started walking earlier this week. With this new milestone comes new needs for his feet. My favorite children's store Stride Rite has started a new program STEP (Scientifically Tested Everyday Proven) to help mommies like me determine what shoe is best for their child. The STEP system is divided into three parts: Pre-Walker, Early Walker and Off & Running. The website breaks down each part of the system and offers great product recommendations. If you still have questions or concerns about what shoe is best for your child, check out the page featuring Dr. Tanya Altmann. She answers questions from moms' like you via video segments regarding healthy foot development. If you are still unclear, you can go to the ask the shoe Guru page and actually ask a question. Kudos to the folks at Stride Rite for providing such great information for families.


  1. interesting theory behind this ... you can actually discover problems with children's feet and walking in adulthood by how and how long children crawl before walking ... walk too soon and the foot develops in a different way causing some problems later in life.

  2. Hi. Thanks for your comment. I agree with you, this is an interesting and complex issue.