Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sportlyzer releases a training application

I was recently approached to try the Sportlyzer online. The Sportlyzer is a virtual personal trainer application that focuses on training advice for its users. Instead of just tracking workouts with devices (watches, GPS systems, online applications, etc.)  people get the opportunity to get feedback from a virtual trainer. According to a press release from Sportlyzer. "The virtual trainer uses complex algorithms to compose and modify training plans and give training advice, just like a real trainer does it. The aim of the virtual trainer is to make sports consulting accessible to everyone at any time.

Sportlyzer is developing a virtual trainer that guides and motivates amateur athletes towards their goals. Unique algorithms analyze workouts and turn the data into actionable advice. Virtual trainer is supported by social networking which enables users to keep a training log, share their training experience and join friends’ workouts. Most of the services are free, priced premium service includes tailored plans for the beginners and preparation for competitions.

The idea of online training consulting originates from the founders’ own experience and has met a lot of positive response from the target audience. The team has decades of experience in coaching, sports psychology and sports sciences.

„Amateur sports events are full of passionate and motivated people who put great effort into their workouts. However, they could often use some consulting about their training loads and setting feasible goals. Our vision is to create a virtual coach that plans workouts, motivates and answers questions just like a real coach does it“, says Tõnis Saag, CEO of Sportlyzer.

Sportlyzer’s team combines competences of sports science and psychology with software development, business and marketing. The founders see it as a good combination to build a sports software startup.
Sportlyzer was founded in 2009 by Tõnis Saag and Jüri Kaljundi. Tõnis, the CEO of Sportlyzer, has a background of sports and entrepreneurship. He has founded sports medicine center Vomax, belonged to the Estonian National Karate Team 1994-2005, and has 14 years of coaching experience. Jüri Kaljundi, now a member of Sportlyzer’s Supervisory board, is a technology entrepreneur, a co-founder of job posting site, Garage48 Foundation, and Jüri is also a co-founder and a member of Supervisory board of the biggest Eastern-European recruitment site CV-Online."

I really like this product. It helps you once you establish a goal set up a training program for yourself to accomplish that goal succesfully. I also like that it explains the different heart rate zones, what they do and how much time you have to spend in each zone to get to where you want to be. I am working with this program to help me get ready for a 5 mile run at the end of May.

The Sportlyzer team is offering a free membership to everyone that signs up for it. Check out their website at:


  1. Very nice overview!
    Those who are not sure whether to try it or not can find additional information from Vikitech: and/or Boston Blogger Urbandaddy:

  2. Hey Jennifer! I got your comment from bloggymoms -- thanks for the follow! I am following you back! I wish I could relate to your running journey -- I'm not built for running... I tried it and ended up with stress fractures... but I look forward to reading about your adventures! Best wishes! -Jenn