Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Soaking up 4 awesome miles in the sun!

Northeast Ohio weather has been crazy to say the least this spring. We have had alot of rain and last night some scary tornados locally. Today we finally got a treat, mid 70's and no rain! Wahoo! I dawned my Vibram Five Finger Bilkas and my new Apple iPod Nano Touch and ran 4 miles!!!!!

Insert the hallelujah chorus lyrics here now.

I have been running without music since November of last year. I do like a little bit of quiet time every once in a while but what a difference an iPod can make. Here is what I had playing during my awesome run:
"Born this way" -Lady Gaga
"Somebody to love"-Justin Bieber
"My life would suck without you"-Kelly Clarkson
"On the floor"-Jennifer Lopez

I felt so much better having a little musical accompaniment during my run. I started getting a bit tired at mile 2 and then "Born this way" came on and helped me keep going. I am so excited to get the new Lady Gaga album and see what else she has in store for us little monsters :).

Another feature of my iPod that I love is that it has the radio. I was able to easily transition from my little play list to my local favorite radio station Q104. If you haven't tuned into this station before check them out online at the link I have provided. You won't be sorry :)

The weather was so nice I passed several people who were walking their children in strollers. The parents were so nice and the kids were so excited to get fresh air.

Goal for my next run 1-2 miles FAST.

Do you run/exercise with headphones or not?

What do have on your play list to run or exercise to?


  1. I listen to a lot of hip hop and country when I run. It's an odd mix but it somehow works for me

  2. I've been wanting to upgrade my Nano to the one you have! It looks a lot nicer. What's funny..we have the EXACT same songs on our playlist!!