Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 1 of the Sugar Free Challenge

I signed up to participate in the 10 Day Sugar Free Challenge coordinated by Amanda at the Run To The Finish blog.

When I saw this I was very intrigued. Read her blog at the link above. There is a lot of good research about the negative effects of sugar on the body.

I don't consume a lot of sugar that I am aware of. My only "treat" that I am aware that has a great deal of sugar in it is Dunkin' Donuts Iced Carmel Swirl Lattes. I am hooked on them. I go to Dunkin every day to get one. They have made great strides the past few years to make their menu more healthy by eliminating trans fats and adding a number of light/healthy options.

This morning I ordered a black coffee, it doesn't taste nearly as good but did the job for me in the caffeine department. Caffeine isn't good for your body either. I am still trying to work on minimizing my intake. However with two small children in our home that don't sleep so well I need all the caffine I can get to stay awake and function.

The big challenge came for me today when I went to have lunch. I bought a couple of TV dinners that I thought would be okay to have. When I checked on the back of the box, the dinner had 13 grams of sugars in it. So obviously that was a big no. 

If you have done this before, what are quick easy ideas for sugar free lunches??


  1. Good luck going sugar-free! I went sugar free for 30 days back in March and ate lots of salads for lunch but I kept them interesting by adding new veggies and cheeses (I still ate dairy while sugar-free.) Good luck!

  2. Thank you. I am amazed how many things have sugar in them its crazy!