Saturday, June 18, 2011

Favorite things Friday

Whoa! Where has this week gone? I am actually following through with my theme idea and providing my favorite things for this week.

1.) The Dallas Mavericks won the NBA Finals!

You have to be from Cleveland to totally understand why this is such a big deal. What LeBron James did to us is basically the equivalent of breaking up with your boyfriend. Except in this situation, he did it in front of the whole school and embarrassed you. Jilted girlfriend-city of Cleveland, Ohio and the whole school was the entire freaking world! He thought he was too good for Cleveland. "I am taking my talents to South Beach," he said during the press conference where he spit in the faces of every single fan who rooted for him over his high school and NBA Careers.

Well looks like a little bit of KARMA followed the self proclaimed King down to Miami. He and his fabulous team mates didn't have what it took to beat the Dallas Mavericks. In addition to that, rumor on the street is that he was "distracted" in games 3 and 4 of the Finals because he found out his longtime girlfriend and baby mama was having an affair with Washington Wizards star Rashard Lewis.

2.) My new GARMIN!
Love, love, love me my Garmin. I love how I can see my time in relation to the distance I run. It has been the best thing ever! Thanks to my husband for buying this for me and supporting my running.

3.) Cleveland's blogging community
I have been doing some additional research online and found out that Cleveland has an awesome blogging community.

Some of my new favorite blogs are:

Poise in Parma-
Peace, Love and Bagels-
Daily Downward Dog-
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Pretty in Orange-
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These rock stars will be added to my blog roll soon.
Have a great weekend people.

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