Saturday, June 18, 2011

Top TV/Film Dads

To all you daddies out there, Happy Father's Day! Here are my favorite all time dads from TV and film:

1.) Danny Tanner
Danny Tanner was kind and very caring to his daughters. He always was there to listen and teach them a life lesson. Most of those life lessons were done in less than 30 minutes and with background music but they were really important.

2.) Tim, "The Tool Man" Taylor
I loved Tool Time when it was on. TBS has started showing re-runs in the mornings and I have been in heaven. Tim Taylor was funny with his family. His sense of humor helped defuse problems in his home and at work.

3.) Chevy Chase in the National Lampoon movies
He was the happy, go lucky dad that just wanted to have fun with his family. Things would never go quite how he planned them. He was always able to turn around any bad situation for him and his family. I love the National Lampoons European Vacation movie the best.

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