Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting ready to rumble, I mean race

In my blog last week I had a major love fest for my new Apple iPod. It has made my running so much easier and more enjoyable up until now. The past 2 runs I have gone on I have noticed that the headphones won't stay in my ears correctly.

I must be a violent runner. My form isn't perfect by any means but whatever I do they won't stay in place. I also noticed that this gets worse the more I sweat.

Has anyone else encountered this? If so what do I do to fix this. I have a big race on Sunday.

This Sunday I will be racing in the Lula 5K to benefit the Girls With Sole Program.

The mission of the organization according to their website is:

"Use fitness and wellness to empower
the minds, bodies and souls of girls
who have experienced abuse of any
kind, or who are at-risk."
Their goal is:

"Girls With Sole will offer a large variety of fitness
and wellness programs, including yoga, dance and
traditional team sports to girls who need someone
to believe in them so that they may believe
in themselves.
Many of these girls who have experienced abuse
would otherwise have no place to  participate
in sports or group exercise in a safe
environment, or have
access to group athletics.

Focusing on healthy living, good nutrition,
exercise and wellness will help
healthier choices in other parts of their lives -
making a positive impact on our
community as a whole."

Girls With Sole is a local nonprofit

organization in need of your support 
so that we can provide fitness
and wellness programs
completely free of charge to girls who have
experienced abuse.

I am proud to be running this
race to support such an awesome
organization. I am also excited as
this is my first race as a
I am not going to break any world records
with my performance Sunday. The point of me
running is to prove to myself that I can
still do anything that I put my mind to
accomplishing and prove to
myself I'm still a rock star :).