Friday, June 10, 2011

Race Review: Girls with Sole-Lula 5K

Sunday, June 5th I ran in my first road race in 8+ years, married lady and now official Clevelander! The race I participated in was called the Lula 5K to benefit the Girls with Sole program in Rocky River. I couldn't have hoped for any better day than what we had. The weather was not too warm nor too cold.
My family and I were able to find parking very easily. We were within walking distance of the registration tent/start line and event booths. Everything was very clearly marked and easy to get to. All of the staff that we encountered were very nice. One lady even came up to my boys and gave them clappers to use to cheer for me. My sons were thrilled!

I got an awesome tee shirt and some other fun swag.

The race was beautiful! It was an out and back course in Rocky River. At one point I got to run along side of Lake Erie. I struggled with some of the gradual hills. Our home is in a very flat area in the burbs. This race showed me I need to do some hills every week.

My husband and sons were able to watch me finish and go next to me as I ran for the finish. I had the loudest cheering section in the whole event :). I came in at 32:45. I wasn't thrilled with myself. I was shooting for 30:00 but gave in and walked 2 driveways along the course. I asked our oldest if he, "was proud of me?" He said, "I am but mama the question is are you proud of yourself?" Pretty deep stuff for a 4 year old if you ask me.

The answer to that is yes. My time nor finish in the pack might not have been what I wanted it to be but its a start! That is part of the beauty of running. You can always make your races better. There are not many other things in this world that you can change just like that.

After the race I had my first opportunity ever to try Muscle Milk. I have been reading about a number of my bloggy friends out west that drink this. I just hadn't gotten around to trying it yet. I had the Strawberries and Cream Flavor and it was delicious! It was light and refreshing, the perfect post race treat! I can't wait to try more flavors.


  1. What a very mature thing to say! Congrats on your race! We're in the CLE area. We tried to go strawberry picking today and got poured on! Crazy weather. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Thank you. Yea for Cleveland bloggy friends! Sounds like we are in for more crazy weather this weekend.