Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friday favorites

1.) The Cleveland Browns won!!!

The Browns beat the Seahawks 6-3. Yes it was painful and yes half of the team is injured but they still pulled out a victory!

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2.) The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion-Part 2

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The first ladies of New Jersey threw the smack down in the second part of their reunion special. Teresa Giudice continued to not know when to shut up. The truth also came to the surface about why Caroline Manzo and Giudice aren't friends anymore. Manzo believes Giudice is to blame for her not talking to her sister, former cast mate Dina. Giudice got cast mate Jacquline Laurita so mad she refused to even show up to either part of the reunion. Thanks ladies for an AMAZING season! Looking forward to next season, now onto ATLANTA!!!

3.) Lego KidsFest is coming to Cleveland next week!

You still have one day to win FREE tickets. Check out my contest and be sure to register before midnight 10/28.

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