Monday, January 30, 2012

Date night with the hubs at the Q!

Saturday night my husband and I had date night in downtown Cleveland! We went downtown and saw a Lake Erie Monsters game. We headed out about an hour before game time. Once we got to the Q we began our search for dinner. Typically at sporting events as concession options are limited. We were super excited to discover Michael Symon has a satellite location of the B Spot at the Q.

I have become a big Michael Symon fan thanks to Q104 and the Food Network. The guy is super cool and a wonderful advocate for Cleveland. Not to mention he responded to one of my about fan friendly!

I got a Plain Jane Burger with Cheese and some Lola Fries pictured below. (Looks yummy huh? Trust me it was scrumptious!) My husband got a Cleveland Bratwurst and Chili Cheese Fries.

We made our way back to our seats and enjoyed our dinner. My burger was absolutely AMAZING! It was perfectly cooked, not greasy and super flavorful. The Lola Fries were simply delicious as well. The size of the burger and fries was just right, not to big but not too small. My husband also enjoyed his meal. We were super impressed with our food and plan on visiting Symon's B Spot in Eton Place soon!

The game was great! I was surprised how much of a following the team has. There were lots of fan cam shots, games and prize giveaways throughout the event. I also got a chuckle when the players started fighting with one another. The guys were really getting into the game. I am talking high sticking and clubbing each other in the back. At times their little fights were similar to WWE wrestling. The officials on the ice just sat back and let them have at it. The Monsters ended up beating Hamilton 3-1.



  1. I miss date nights! Need a permanent babysitter.

  2. We just started this again because we found an awesome babysitter. We have been trying to at least get out together monthly.