Thursday, February 9, 2012

Track your fitness goals with the Nike FuelBand


I love gadgets! For holidays, birthdays, etc my wish list always includes gadgets. People look at my husband like he's crazy that I am not asking for diamonds and purses. Oh well!

Last year he got me a Garmin Forerunner and this year I think I will be asking for the Nike FuelBand. 

The FuelBand measures your physical activity. You set a goal for the day and then participate in activities such as walking, running, etc. The FuelBand tracks calories burned, steps, etc. Then the watch changes color as you get closer to your goal (goes from red to green). 

The other cool thing is that you can see your results online by either syncing wirelessly or plugging into your computer's USB port. So there are no diaries or journals to keep...this device does all the work for you!

It is water resistant and comes in a wide variety of sizes. I have a small wrist so I love that Nike took wrist size into consideration when making this product. The price is $149.00. Nike is currently out of these bands however if you go to their website you can get an email when they arrive back in stock.


  1. this was what my kids got my husband for christmas...he said it helps him play basketball better..haha he is 50!
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