Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cool service for traveling families in/to the greater Cleveland area

I've told you before I've been really loving Twitter lately. I have been tweeting with so many totally cool people on there. One new Twitter friend I have had the pleasure of tweeting with is Alison Musser, President of Babies Travel Too
Photo-Babies Travel Too website

What is Babies Travel Too? Its Cleveland's premier baby equipment rental company. Musser decided to start the company after she and her family went to Outer Banks according to an article profile in Northeast Ohio Business Magazine. She struggled to find a crib their first night at the hotel. crib no sleep for mom and dad. So the next day she called around and was finally able to track one down through a beach rental company which spurred her idea for her current business.

What is Babies Travel Too? Its Cleveland's premier baby equipment rental company. They rent everything from car seats, toys, pack and play units, changing tables! Prices are totally reasonable and the best part is, they also deliver!

Check this out. "We will deliver your baby gear right to your destination-whether it is a downtown hotel, Cedar Point or Kalahari, or a relative’s house.  We can even meet you with your car seat at the airport when your flight arrives," according to the Babies Travel Too website. Now that's service!

With us now having our third child anything that saves us from lugging more bags I love!

Imagine traveling and knowing you don't have to pack and lug a carseat on an airplane or do without a small table or toys when visiting grandparents that live out of state. Ingenious!

For more check out their website.

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