Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Two things Tuesday

1.) I finally picked up the Runner's World Issue that covered the Boston Marathon tragedy.
Photo credit-Runner's World Magazine

Kudos to the Runner's World team for a simply amazing edition of their publication. I was exceptionally touched by the article by Katie McDonald Neitz. Neitz wrote about what happens now to the children that lost their legs in this tragedy. They will be getting new limbs from a wonderful amputee, Amy Palmiero-Winters who is now director of A Step Ahead Prosthetics. The article shed light on the fact that the kids are and will be continually growing. They will need multiple prosthetics which can range in price from $25K up. Yes you read right, lots of money! Insurance only covers so much of that. My heart breaks for the victims and their families, especially the children. The wonderful news is that The One Fund Boston will be donating a portion of the monies they have collected to help these children.

Runner's World also profiled wonderful people who donated time or money to help the victims of this horrific event. Jewelry designer Erica Sara Neuman-Erica Sara Designs created two necklaces and donated the proceeds from sales of the necklaces to The One Fund Boston. College Students Chris Dobens and Nick Reynolds came up with the idea to sell Boston Strong tee shirts on a website called Ink to the People. Check out their efforts on the featured partnership section. They raised over $800K and donated it to The One Fund.

2.) Another Mother Radio Podcast
I've talked about these ladies before. In case you missed that post, if you are a mother and if you run, bike or whatever you need to get these two books: Run Like A Mother and Train Like A Mother. Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea are the most hilarious yet informative writers I have ever read. Take all that fabolousness and give them a microphone and you have one freaking awesome podcast. Check out their website. If you have an iPhone or iPod you need to subscribe for free to their podcasts. Check them out as well, you won't be sorry.
Dimity McDowell

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