Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Favorites

Hey friends hope you've had a great week! Here are a few of my favorite things from this week:
1.) Stella & Dot New Fall Line Debuts June 23rd!!!! Loving the faux leopard wallet and possible planner/tech cover. Which piece do you like????

Photo-Stella & Dot

I've also kind of been having a hard week with the stress fracture. Its so hard not to be running right now let alone walk so I thought a little retail therapy wouldn't hurt. I picked up the Rebel Pendant Necklace.Yes some pretty cool celebs like it too!

Live in Northeast Ohio and want to see the new line for yourself message me to set up your own jewelry party!

2.) The Real Housewives of the OC and New Jersey
Holy cow! Drama! Drama! Drama! On the OC, the ladies go dress shopping with my favorite gal Tamra. Gretchen pulls out the bad friend card and refuses to go if Alexis comes....then LIES and says she got a role on a television show that the fab miss fancy pants Heather Dubrow was lucky to score. In Jersey, Teresa is still pulling the its not my fault my family is a mess card. Rosie finally has a sit down with her and they actually are able to discuss, mind you with alcohol and table hitting, their family issues. It finally comes up that Teresa and her family will go to a holistic retreat. 

3.) Clif Crunch-Chocolate Chip Granola Bar
In an effort to become a total fatty while I have this boot on and can't do anything I am trying to watch what I eat. I was at the grocery store and found Clif Crunch Chocolate Chip Granola Bars. 
I have to tell you I had been staying away from Clif products because of their funky taste. However Clif knows granola bars. Each bar is light, flavorful and super tasty. Nutrition wise they are 70 percent organic, contain 3 grams of protein and one serving of organic whole grains. I actually like these better than Nature Valley Granola Bars. Yes I said it they are that good! 


  1. They really do know granola! Nature valley has too many junk ingredients. Have a great weekend. I'm sure you'll have tons of sales on that pendant!

    1. Trying to figure out how to reply using my phone. Thanks for your response. See mine below.

  2. The bars are light and flaky and not so rock hard. Love them. You have a good weekend too girly!

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