Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday mania

Guess what friends?! I was weighed today and drum roll please...I've finally lost some weight!! 3 whole pounds. See my happy dance, it looked something line this...

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 Have you heard about the dude that ran a marathon and knitted a scarf?

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Here's the info courtesy of Runner's, "[sic] David Babcock. David, 41, is an associate professor of graphic design at the University of Central Missouri, a runner, and (duh) a knitting enthusiast. By the time he finished, in 5:48:27, David was the proud owner of a lovely 12-foot-1 3/4-inch acrylic scarf and became a candidate for a new Guinness World Record for longest scarf knitted while running a marathon."

Babcock has mad skills if you ask me. I have participated in two marathons and it was all I could do to run that long. And to think he ran AND knitted! CRAY,CRAY!

Anyhow check out posts from my favorite bloggers:
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My Cleveland Running Buddy and Blogger Go Run Jess wrote an awesome post about the Marine Corps Marathon and how she enjoyed running like a rock star!! GO GIRL!!

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