Thursday, October 17, 2013

Think about it Thursday-Be Skinny Appetite Control Drink

So I've told you that despite my best efforts running and exercising I can't shake the mid section mush. I've mentioned people asking me if I'm pregnant and rubbing my little bit of a belly. This is so infuriating. I want to say hey! Listen up-I've had 3 children that were almost 9 pounds each. If you did this your midsection wouldn't be so toned and perfect either!  Terry Dubrow if you are out there and in the mood to do any free tummy tucks please have your people call my people and I'll be out to the OC in no time flat.

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So when I was recently approached to try the Be Skinny Appetite Control Drink by Health Guard I accepted the opportunity. After doing some research on the product I found out that unlike other appetite control products on the market their product is all natural!

Here is the lowdown, "Be Skinny is a breakthrough product for anyone struggling with their weight or just looking to drop a few pounds.
Be Skinny is a natural fat-free pineapple cranberry flavored drink that has been proven to help “fool” your brain into believing your stomach is full. This unique synergistic blend containing Cranberry Extract, Saffron Extract and Sceletium tortuosum extract, encourages weight loss while eliminating frustration.
Clinical studies show that one of the active ingredients in Be Skinny not only helps suppress your appetite but also helps reduce snacking and compulsive eating behaviors, leading to a reduction in weight and inches. In fact, 100% of women in one study reported decreased hunger while over 80% lost weight.*
Just 2 ounces per day can help:
  • Suppress your appetite
  • Reduce food cravings and compulsive eating
Decrease frequency of snacking, " according to the Health Guard website.

I was sent a sample two pack to try. The product is an awesome size, great for moms, working women on the go. I was able to tuck both samples in my purse very easily. The taste wasn't nearly as bad as I was anticipating. I love anything cranberry flavored and the combo of the two tasted GREAT! 

I used my samples for 2 days. It was true they definitely did decrease my appetite. I am proud to say my pants were a little bit looser those two days. If you are interested in trying this start off with the 2 pack then move to the 12 pack. I think if I had used these longer I would have seen a more significant weight loss.

All in all a good experience. Be sure to check out the Health Guard website for Be Skinny and Be Happy. Thanks to Konnect Public Relations for reaching out to me to try this product.
**Disclosure- I received a 2 pack of the Be Skinny drink to try and review. The opinions noted in the review below are mine and mine alone.

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