Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thinking family Thursday-Halloween-making it safe and fun for all

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It's hard for me to believe the end of the month is Halloween. We enjoy the pageantry, festivity, etc. Here is what we do to keep everyone in our family safe and my husband and me sane.

1.) Halloween costumes-Make sure your child can breathe and move properly. Also make sure that any face paint is non toxic and you avoid the obvious, putting it in their eyes. We don't let the kids pick scary costumes yet....thankfully they are still at the age where we have a say.

2.) Trick or Treat-We go as a family. We only go to homes that have lights on. We inspect our kids candy. We were children of the 80's and heard that wives tale about the razors being in candy...So we are big on making sure everything is sealed and nothing looks weird. Also we limit candy...only a little bit of the night of then we take the candy out and only allow so many pieces each night or every other night.

3.) Pumpkins with 3 kids....we now have to get a wagon to hall our load. We make this fun and take lots of pictures. We let them scoop the insides out and then we do most of the cutting.

4.) Special events-Plan out what you are doing ahead of time so you aren't stressed out.

Last but not least HAVE FUN!

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