Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Favorites

1.) I have a new favorite runner thanks to my favorite Another Mother Runner Ladies this gal's name is Carrie Tollefson. She was recently featured in an Another Mother Runner POD castwhich as you know I  LOVE!. Here's the skinny on Tollefson, she is an Olympic Runner-2004 Olympics in the 1500 race. Check out all her accomplishments.

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She recently made her marathon debut in the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon just FOUR months after giving birth to her second child. Can anyone say superwoman? What I loved about her on the podcast was her honesty about running. Yes I would like to set a goal for myself but right now I have to focus on being a mommy. That's pretty cool if you ask me...inspires people like me to not put pressure on myself for a particular time goal but to "go after it" as she says. She also has a podcast, does commentary and has her own website and much more. Her website is awesome and she's a hoot on all her different adventures. Check it

2.) Running.....
I'm still hacking a lung up so its been nice to take a few days off. This weekend I am going to do a long run or two to get geared up for my first 8K next Saturday. Looking forward to being able to actually breathe properly!! YAHOO!

3.) Favorite blog:
Skinny Runner Girl  The girl is hilarious! She's an awesome runner. You learn everything about running and healthy living to fun fashion'/celeb info. Check out her blog!

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