Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Two things Tuesday

1.) Hi Friends! I am within about $60 of a MAJOR sales goal with Stella & Dot this month.If you need any gifts for the holidays I would love you FOREVER if you bought something NOW! Check out my e-boutique.

2.) Stuft Mama had an interesting post about some things she learned at the Runner's World Half Marathon & Festival about cross training and injury prevention. Seeing as how I need a little help in this department I am going to pick up the Xfinity Fitness Band that Stuft Mama and my other blogger friends got to use and give it a spin! Check it out..does that not look like the coolest piece of workout equipment EVER?! I'm also pumped she is going to post some of the exercises she learned with the Xfinity Fitness band in the future! Be sure to enter her Love Grown Foods Giveaway.

I'm going to try and run tomorrow before work...wish me luck. Me and early mornings, yea we don't get along too well...

Good night!

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