Monday, October 21, 2013

I get knocked down but I get back up again-Quick and Dirty 8K race recap

I was in a strange place going into this race Saturday. My training had been going decently but I have been dealing with some allergy/cough issues so I wasn't sure how I was going to do. Earlier last week I ran 4 miles twice. The first time was really a struggle...I coughed, I walked and coughed and walk some more. The second time was much, much better..minimal coughing and much less walking.

My husband and I got to Chapin Forest and I started to get excited. I ran a trail race there the prior year so I was thinking hey familiar territory, this is GREAT. I got checked in got my bib and this RAD sweatshirt. In all the races I've ever done I've NEVER gotten a sweatshirt. Super cool!!

I did a very brief warm up...had one of my Chocolate Outrage GU's and headed to the start line. Of course mother nature decided to start sprinkling at that point. My asthma tends to act up when it rains out. But I was trying to stay positive...soon I would be under the shelter of large beautiful trees so I wouldn't get totally soaked. At the start line I was trying to get my Run 4 Good app set up and was fiddling with my music and didn't get my phone in my SPIbelt before the race started. I was running the first quarter mile fiddling with my headphones and SPIbelt. Party foul on me. Once I got situated and got my tunes pumping things were going pretty good....until the first 3/4th of a mile....then I biffed...

But as the song says,

I got knocked down but I GOT UP AGAIN. That moment was big for me...I honestly wanted to curl up in a ball and start crying and throw in the towel. But I didn't!!! I just kept telling myself I've worked too hard these past few weeks to stop now over this. Note the life lesson here people!

I kept going....I did a much better job being more aggressive on the downhills. I've been a bit tentative on the hills as I am afraid of wiping out.  Saturday I took the bull by the horns and powered down the hills and I was all right!! 

I had to walk a couple of the crazy steep up hills but other than that...not too shabby of a race day for me considering my lungs haven't been cooperating totally with me....

I ended up finishing:
I was hoping for 55 but that's pretty dang close to where I wanted to be. 

Check out that finish...makes me look FAST huh?! All in all another great race in the Dirty Trail Series! Now I'm pondering running their last race of the year...12 miles at the end of November. What do you think...should I do it?

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