Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday-WOA its November & its National Running Safety Month

Hi! Can you believe its November all ready? Well I was doing some reading and learned that November is National Running Safety Month. Brooks website detailed some safety tips for runners, "

1. Be Visible

Wear bright colors and reflective gear during low-light hours. We suggest checking out our Nightlife high-visibility apparel.

* I want to pick up a reflective vest. I have been reading up on Nathan Streak Reflective Vests. I love how light I am reading they are and their great price point of around $20. Brooks Running also has some great reflective products featured on their Pinterest page.

2. Run Against Traffic

If you’re running next to a road, this helps cars to see you as they approach.

3. Obey All Traffic Laws

Clearly signal to cars where you are going.

4. Open Your Eyes

Wait, watch and listen for cars before crossing intersections.

5. Keep Your I.D. on You

And don’t forget to carry your cell phone at all times.

* Also consider buying a Road ID. I have one and they are cool. Since I bought my first one about 2 years ago, they have come out with a ton of new band options and different cool embellishments. Check them out via the icon on the bottom of my webpage!

6. Stay on Well Lit Paths

And while you’re at it, run with a friend or in a group.

PS-For those that follow football, did you see the Cleveland Browns finally beat the Baltimore Ravens? With our third string quarterback no less... OH YEAH!

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