Monday, January 6, 2014

Hey baby its cold outside

So Ohio is FREAKING COLD! Today its -7 degrees...yes you read right-7 degrees.
Photo credit-Runner's World Magazine
 I have a race coming up on Sunday and could use to have ran today. But, just standing outside makes me shutter and my skin cold...the thought of being outside in Antartica, cough, I mean Ohio in this weather for an extended period of time sounds painful to me today I opted for cross training.

Here are a few interesting articles about running in the cold:
Runner's World
NBC Chicago

So I cross trained with the fab Tone It Up ladies. It was a great workout...and I could actually keep up with these gals! I was proud of myself!
Photo credit-Tone It

And today was my first day of the Everyday Greatful Course put on by Its a 21 day online course that is built to help people learn the power of positive thinking and to appreciate all the wonderful things around them. It costs $50 but you get a super fun kit and one on one coaching throughout the course. Can't wait to tell you more! In the meantime, check out and on your iPhone download the Happier app. The Happier app is FREE. Think similar to Facebook minus the political posts, complaining and general junk. I absolutely love it!

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