Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why don't they make kid size 3D glasses?

I took our four year old to the movies last night to see Disney's Tangled in 3D. This movie is the modern version of the Brothers Grimm classic "Rapunzel." It features the voices of Mandy Moore (Rapunzel) and Zachary Levi (Flynn Rider). I thought it was really cute and had a good message for both parents and children. Parents as much as we want to hold onto our children forever and protect them from everything had we can, it isn't realistic. Just like Rapunzel being locked up in a tower, you can only shelter your children for so long before they have to figure out how to make their way in the world. Children, having dreams and learning to think for yourself is important. Rapunzel's dream was to be able to get out of the tower and go see the lights. She was bound and determined to do that with the help of Flynn Rider. It wasn't easy for her to be able to go see the lights but she learned a great lesson. Sometimes things might not go as you planned but you can make your dreams reality. Cue the Disney happy ending now.

I have to admit I was a little nervous about viewing this in 3D. It had been some years since I went to a 3D movie. The last time I saw one, I had a horrible headache for several days after. This experience was nothing like that. The things the people at Disney have done with 3D technology are simply amazing!

My only complaint of the night is why don't they have different sizes of 3D glasses for these sorts of things? When purchased our tickets at the box office, we were handed two adult size pairs of 3D glasses. Once we got into the theater and my son put them on, they did not go around his ears properly and fell off several times throughout the movie. Seems like if you are making movies for children you should provide glasses that actually fit them comfortably.

After the film was over, the theater had two bins by the exit where moviegoers could recycle their 3D glasses. This was an awesome opportunity for me to talk to our son about recycling. He was just tickled to do this all by himself.


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