Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fun morning at The Children's Museum of Cleveland

This morning was another typical cold and yucky winter day in Northeast Ohio. My husband and I thought it would be a great opportunity to get the boys out of the house to do something fun. We ended up going to The Children's Museum of Cleveland.

Both boys LOVED the "Splish! Splash!" exhibit. There were a number of fun things to play with from boats to fish to water toys. Our youngest loved putting his hand over and through one of the little fountains on the end of the table. He ended up getting his arms soaked and enjoyed every minute of it.

Another feature of the museum that was a big hit with our family was the "Egyptian Sands" exhibit.  Here is the official description of the exhibit from The Children's Museum of Cleveland website, "Travel back in time to ancient Egypt and experience a day in the life of an ancient Egyptian family as the Museum’s Pinzone Pavilion is transformed with over 70 tons of sand. Exhibit components include the Scribe House, Nile River, Mud Brick Home, Pyramids, Egyptian Dress Up, Sand Sculpture and more!  Learn how the Nile River was important to everyday life, enter the Scribe House to discover hieroglyphs, the ancient Egyptian form of communication, and explore the customs and traditions of ancient Egypt that still exist today.

While the main focus of Egyptian Sands is to provide young visitors with a unique, hands-on learning experience, the many “extras” help provide a dramatic, immersive environment in which important skills and concepts can be taught to children of all ages and abilities through creative play." Our oldest loved playing in the sand. He had a blast building roads and tunnels with my husband.

The Egyptian Sands exhibit runs until May 1st. For more on The Cleveland Children's Museum go to:


  1. We went 2 weeks ago today! I'm in NE ohio also. I played in the sand while we were there. We were building towers with the bricks.

  2. What did your kids think of the water table?

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