Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend roundup

Hi Bloggy Friends,
How was your weekend? Ours was great but very busy! Saturday morning we held our Alex's Lemonade Stand to benefit Pediatric Cancer Research.

This was so important for us. Our boys are spoiled rotten. They are little so yes our world does revolve around them. However, they need to realize that there are other people in the world that don't have things as good as they do. Alex's Lemonade Stand was a perfect fit as it is about kids helping kids.

My husband helped us prep for this event and helped with sales. Our oldest helped with sales. He was asking everyone that walked past our house, "Hey, you want to buy lemonade to help sick kids?" Sometimes he got a little too aggressive asking them 2-3 times in a row. I believe I may have a used car salesman in training on my hands. LOL!

The little man was very excited to wave at all of the people coming to our stand. He even went so far as to walk up to our neighbors and put his hands up so they would pick him up.

I was deeply touched about the reaction of random strangers to our event. People that we had never met before were stopping by and handing us donations and wishing us good luck. I had a nice conversation with a mother that said, "I saw the sign and I had to stop by. I always try to support local kids." She went onto tell me that her kids often try to have lemonade stands but no one stops by. I told her that I promise to stop by her kids stand in return for her coming and donating to our stand.

We ended up making $45 for 3 hours of effort. Not too bad if you ask me. Then our favorite Aunts came through and donated $15 bringing our total up to $60! So proud of our family for working together to do this. My husband and I talked and we plan on doing at least one service project as a family per year.

Then on Sunday we went to my best friend's baby's Baptism Ceremony in the morning. After that for Father's Day I treated my husband to his first Cleveland Indians Game of the season. I believe I get best wife of the month award for this one!

For those of you who don't follow baseball, the Tribe has been amazing this season! My husband and our oldest son have watched almost all the games on TV. They were thrilled when I told them we were going to see the game live. It was also a very special day as it was the little man's first Tribe game ever!

This time I opted to purchase the Key Bank Family Fun pack. We got 4 mezzanine level seats, 4 food vouchers and 4 baseball caps. I also opted to purchase the parking pass.

By the time we got downtown after the Baptism a number of the garages were full. We had our handy,dandy pass to the East Garage. We were able to pass go and park! We made our way to our seats. I stayed with the boys and my husband went for the food. We were able to get a ton of food for the vouchers. I believe the final total was 3 hot dogs, 1 pretzel, 1 lemonade, 1 bag of peanuts, 1 lemonade and 2 bottles of water! We all chowed down and enjoyed a close game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The little man napped during the 4th inning through the 7th inning stretch. He wasn't even phased by me standing up singing "God Bless America" or by everyone singing, "Take me out to the ballgame." My husband went to get the 4 hats that came with our package in the 7th inning. I am thrilled to report that my hat fits me. Typically I have issues finding hats as my head is shaped funny and they never fit right. Kudos to the Tribe for picking an awesome hat that actually fits my noggin! While my husband was picking up our hats he heard from another person that people were starting to line up for the Kids Run The Bases.

We were so looking forward to the Kids Run The Bases event. Our oldest wore his Superman shirt in honor of hist favorite player-Superman Jack Hannahan. We waited in line armed with our Sharpies and the hope that Hannahan would be one of the players that would be on the field to greet the kids at the event. Unfortunately, that was just when the rain and thunder came. There would be no running the bases for us.  Thankfully there were no meltdowns by either child when we explained the change of plans.

We are hoping to get back to Progressive Field for another Kids Fun Day later this season. Both my husband and I agreed when we go back again we will purchase another Key Bank Family Fun Pack. What a great value for families. Kudos to the Indians for coming up with this concept! Keep up the good work fellas! We will all be watching.

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