Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Looking for a work out to ease pregnancy aches and pains? Hit the water

Fit Pregnancy online is reporting there is a new trend in workouts for mommies to be. The program is called Water in Motion. Upon first glance, it looks like water exercise for seniors however there is much more to it that that according to its creator Sara Kooperman.

Kooperman is a nationally known trainer and fitness educator. She explained to Fit Pregnancy that the program incorporates yoga, pilates and dance and she created it after she injured herself in a skiing accident.

Kooperman talked about the benefits of water exercise, " When you do exercises in water, your abdominal muscles are engaged and lengthened because they’re working to keep you balanced. And the buoyancy of the water makes it easier to hold poses—such as yoga’s Warrior III—that you might not be able to hold as well on land, providing you with more toning benefits and enabling deeper stretches.While everyone can benefit from low-impact workouts that are easier on the joints, exercising in water is ideal for expectant moms, says Kooperman. The cool, soothing aqua environment enables you to comfortably perform more repetitions than you could on land. That means you can challenge yourself, but the support the water provides makes it safer to do those extra reps, too." For more information check out Fit Pregnancy's website.

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