Thursday, January 12, 2012

Diaper Derby Mama's baby gear picks:sleepers and bassinets

What is co-sleeping? I found an awesome article on the site Modern Home, Modern Baby that explains the concept as well as the pros and cons. In addition to that studies have shown that co-sleeping relieves stress for the baby. We have been fans of co-sleeping with our kids. If you think that co-sleeping is for you Arms Reach has some awesome cost effective options:

The Mini

CO-SLEEPER® brand Mini bassinet is portable and converts from a free-standing bassinet, to CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinet. The CO-SLEEPER® brand Mini was created to accommodate smaller spaces and for those who did not want a playard style CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinet. Two caster wheels make it easier to move around the house. The CO-SLEEPER® brand Mini also has a built in liner, less parts, and is simple to set up and break down. Includes travel bag. 34"x 20"x31, 24 lbs

The Original

This versatile unit can hold one or two babies comfortably (a great bassinet for twins), is portable and converts from a free-standing bassinet, to CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinet, to playard. Includes removable fabric liner and travel bag. 40" x 28" x 31" , 32 lbs

Information in Blue is taken directly from the Arms Reach Website.

Co-sleeping not for you, check out these awesome options:

Ninna Nanna Bassinet: (Description from
Sleek, contemporary, and inordinately handsome, this bassinet stands firmly apart from its cutesy counterparts. The base is made of solid wood and has a curved bottom for gentle rocking, and the sides are covered in plush suede microfiber. ($395)

Fisher-Price Zen Collection Gliding Basket
Description from Toys R
The beauty and function of the Fisher-Price Zen Collection Gliding Basket work in harmony to soothe your baby. The plush bedding in premium textured fabrics and a beautiful sheer canopy create a soothing environment where your baby can enjoy the gliding motion at a speed that's just right. Music, nature sounds or simulated sounds of the womb complement your baby's soothing experience, while the beautiful wood accents and earthy colors of the baby bassinet complement your home d├ęcor. ($209)



  1. My pediatrician told me that studies show if baby sleeps in the same room as the parents, in a co-sleeper, that it decreases the risk of SIDS. Very interesting.

  2. Thanks for your feedback. Ours is more pro crib or bassinet. She said having that in our room coupled with the baby having a pacifier helps reduce SIDS.