Sunday, January 8, 2012

XBOX 360 Kinect can help improve family fitness

Santa brought our family an XBOX 360 Kinect this year. Along with the device itself, we got some awesome video games including: Nickelodeon Dance and Elmo's Once Upon A Monster.

We specifically wanted the dance/movement games to make sure everyone was staying active while having fun!

I was surprised how physical these games truly are! Mind you, I am not in tip top shape right now but after doing a couple of songs off the dance disk I was officially pooped out! My kids have had a great time moving and grooving with their favorite Nick characters. This has helped them burn energy as we start to get more cooped up inside due to colder weather.

In addition to that, there is more than meets the eye with the Once Upon A Monster Disk as well. Kids have to help Elmo navigate (run/jump/duck/dodge) through a number of adventures.

Using XBOX/computer gaming technology has caught on as a tool for schools to help fight childhood obesity. I like this concept because it gives kids a different way to get active beyond the dodge ball and running laps.

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