Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Two things Tuesday

1.) This week I'm taking a week off running. Its just been a tough one, sick kids, super cold weather. I'm also just kind of mentally spent right now. I know excuses,excuses but dang it, I just need a break. 

There are several really good articles out there about taking time off and its effects on running:
Runner's World
Competitor Magazine
Runners Connect

Whatever happens I'm hoping I didn't totally lose all I've gained these past several months.

2.) Holiday Movies okay to watch with the entire family
Did you know that there is a movie-A Christmas Story 2? 
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   Fast forward our boy Ralphie about 5 years. Ralphie has his eye on a beautiful girl in his class and is trying to earn himself a car.  This is a cute family friendly movie.  I love the message at the end about doing the right thing! Our family is huge fans of the original A Christmas Story and hope to tour A Christmas Story House sometime this holiday season!


  1. Christmas is the day of love, fun, joy and enjoy. I like this movie. My family is also huge fans of the original A Christmas Story. It is really very funny and enjoyable.

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  2. Patria-I agree! Do you watch the Christmas Story Marathon on TBS. We love 24 hours of a Christmas Story.